Norfolk Island Trip

Posted on 06 Jul 2011

The Norfolk Art Week proved to be very enjoyable for all concerned.

Working from life (Outdoors) is a wonderful way to learn to see and draw. This was a first for most students and everyone put their best foot forward and benefited from the experience.

We had an outdoor session for 1 ½ to 2 hours each morning, working at four different sites around the Island. We travelled by minibus and car. Each student had their own painting stool and equipment. Most students worked in pastel pencils although one or two opted for watercolour. The subject was photographed for each student at the end of the session.

We returned to Trade Winds (our motel) for morning tea and then went sight seeing, shopping or swimming. Students could also just continue painting if they wished to.

After lunch we met in the motel studio (usually the Transit Lounge!) for our afternoon session. With the help of the photographs we developed our original sketches. One pleasing aspect was the accuracy of the original life drawing.

After 4 days it was suggested students compose a design reflecting what Norfolk Island meant to them, or work on their sketches bringing them to the stage of a finished piece.

One of our sight seeing trips was to 100 Acre Farm, we walked through the reserve, where many sea birds nest, and beautiful coastal sea scenes abound.

We dined out together on several occasions and had two pot luck dinners together in the larger motel cottage. After the pot luck dinners we watched some art videos and had some very interesting discussions.

There was also a rumour that a game of “spoons” was had one evening causing much hilarity, please see Dorothy Mead for more information!

The photos on the board show the times we spent together, sites we visited and subjects we have drawn.

It was evident that the group enjoyed each others company, and a strong caring attitude towards each other, mixed with a good sense of humour, meant that a great time was had by all.

On the strength of this trip we plan to return to Norfolk Island in December this year, watch the notice board for further details.