About the School

“In teaching I aim to give a simple technique, which gives the students confidence in themselves and the tutor. This creates a good rapport and builds a one to one relationship in which a creative and supportive atmosphere allows the finer aspects of painting to be taught.

“At some stage (depending on the individual), the student may wish to explore the greater depths of this subject. This may take the form of trying different mediums: (gouache, pastel, oil, etc) ; exploring other forms of expression such as impressionism and abstract. Improving observation skills through drawing. All this exploration often leads to searching questions about art and the students own relationship to it as well as the way he, or she would like to express it. Out of this many artists form their own ideas, develop a style, and approach unique to themselves.

“Creating the right environment, and providing appropriate courses and workshops is of paramount importance to me as an art tutor.”

Tony Clarke